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Astrologer Prasad has been providing spiritual consultations and astrological readings for over 25 years. With his insight and knowledge, you can gain true clarity and enlightenment from the power of astrology. Astrologer Prasad provides comprehensive consultations for all interested clients. Receive insight into your destiny with his astrological readings and unlock the power of astrology to gain true clarity and enlightenment. Explore a variety of spiritually focused services, including spiritual reading & healing, psychic reading, palm, face, photo, and ex-love readings. Astrologer Prasad will help you achieve a balanced life through spiritual practices.

Do you have bad energies that need to be removed? Astrologer Prasad specializes in Indian puja’s and prayers to help you remove negative energies from your life. He also offers ex-love readings to bring your former flame back into your life.

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